Feminazi or just a feminist fighting for women’s rights, it’s highlighting one word: women.

Gone are the days where women are the ones who would bow down to men imply because of their gender. But also, gone are the days that men have become gallant to women.

Which world would you choose?

The logic is warranted in this one. Men treat each other as they would want themselves to be treated and that includes insulting each other, physical contact and sometimes complicated mind games.

Meanwhile, we women just want them to respect us and our value. We want to be valued. Men want to be valued. But they do not want things done for them. Instead, they find value in doing things for themselves.

Why do we women — also known as feminists — want to be treated in a special manner? Men do not need to bow down to us because we and our ancestors in gender had bowed down to them centures ago.

We want to treat them fairly. We just want equal rights at work. But if we are able-bodied, then we respect the men’s right not to give us seats or open doors. In fact, we should let men do as they please with how they would interact with us.

It is only when self-integrity and dignity is spat on that we should react in violent ways. But until then, our tolerance should be that of how people are against other people.

What is it to say that you’re a feminist?

Over the years, women have been bereft of almost every type of right. It was in the 1920s that women were allowed to vote. Through the years, women have been believed to be those who stayed at home as they were needed to care for children.

The man, who always works, is the only one who has rights and the right to express himself regarding community isues.

Feminism was born to raise awareness of the plight of women who want the same opportunities as that of men, including the right to work, to express themselves and to be who they want to be.

Feminazis are individuals who believe men have done wrong against women throughout history and have imposed the organisation by which all men gain everything while women still have nothing.

While often washed away as misunderstood or someone who had failed to comprehend the true meaning of their ideas, Feminazis can complain about things women wear due to the need to attract men to committing outrageous acts.

Feminazis wrongly portray women in most public appearances. However, they have become their true icons in the process.

But equality is the goal of feminists, where as superiority is that of feminazis.

There’s no such thing as meninism, some women would say.

I would hear them often say that men have had their way throughout history. Which is true, to be honest.

But as the world turns towards equal opportunity and the channels to publish one’s troubles just a few clicks away, people can be swayed by differing, wayward stories.

Feminism has become a symbol of a conservative woman who may have just used her rights to make others see her as a victim and a double-standard bearer of troubles.

That’s what meninism is trying to oppose.

Chastity may as well be lost, but if equal opportunity should be followed, then women have no right to the enjoyable ‘rights’ men gave them once.

Meninism talks about not opening doors, not paying for dates, not complaining about womens’ lifestyles, not trying to fulfil a woman’s ego and expecting a woman to do things as men do.

Meninism has a point. In fact, it’s a counter-point to feminism that’s close to home.

The objective term of equality states that everyone gets what one gets.

This would mean women would have to be strong to get the same rights they want to earn as men.

What do you think?

It’s not because you were born hot-tempered or it runs in your family. The cause of anger isn’t always personality, but because of diet.

Studies show that if you’re deprived of magnesium, manganese, vitamin C or B vitamins, you’re likely to be hyper-sensitive towards serotonin or other stressors.

Dieticians believe that carb-based food, which people consume daily, is the leading cause of hotheadedness in many places. Eating healthy food and vegetables contribute to easing the anger levels and sensitivity to stressors.

So, which should you eat?


Kiwis are fruits with skyrocketing amounts of vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to help fight stress. Eating lots of Kiwis along with vegetables is a great way to gain magnesium and Vitamin C.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk regulates blood sugar levels with its natural complex sugar. The more sugar, the more hyperactive the body is. The resulting culmination of sugar and insulin results in a chemical deprivation of several nutrients, which triggers the likelihood of being mad.


Aside from having a distinct taste, turkey is a rich source of protein. It is also a primary source of vitamin B6 and niacin, which helps power up the body, helping you regulate your sensitivity levels to stressors. It also helps you have lower cholesterol levels.


If you’re asking about the secret of life, perhaps not looking for it is the right way to go about it. When we’re looking for happiness and we find ourselves insatiable to look for it, we forget about the value of the thing or event or person who gives us happiness. We lose these three.


When we’re materialistic and we base our happiness on earning more to get more, we find ourselves unsatisfied. Greed overcomes us with our need of new things to buy and own as our new drug.

We lose focus of why we do our job. When these material things lose value in the long run, we go through bouts of depression.

True Happiness

We also lose the value of true and innate happiness. Happiness, wherein we spend time with people valuable to us, is exchanged for a new videogame console, a new car, a new house, a larger share in a company. Many things that do not require any amount are lost as we lose the most precious of resources we have, time.


When we’re convoluted in temporary wealth, we also lose our ideals. Practicality is different when we do many things to satiate our materialism.

When practical, we decide for the less-cost, more-efficient item. When materialistic, we cut corners or do unscrupulous acts to get what we want.

We lose ideals and our dignity as humans when we turn materialistic.

Leading women in fashion, media, politics and technology have gathered in Silicon Valley to rally for better representation of women in the workplace.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton drew the crowd at the Watermark-hosted event. Watermark advocates for women in the workforce.

Clinton said in her speech to a receptive audience:

“You bump your heads on the glass ceilings that persist in the tech industry. It’s time to think different!”

Fashion Designer Diane von Furstenberg, Former New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson and Intel’s Chief Diversity officer had attended the proceedings.

Women from different industries came together to brainstorm on closing gender gaps in leadership and pay that continue to persist. The conference intends to push the tech industry for diversity transparency. It had also called upon new Valley companies opening for the first time to be more transparent.

According to Intel President Renee James, transparency was an important but missed step to resolve the problem. By ‘forcing the discussion into the light’ progress would come, she said.

Several women lamented that progress in the workplace was slow. Many said women from the 1920s would be disappointed by the present state of affairs women are in.

Stella & Dot CEO Jessica Herrin said that workplace cultures must be reformed toe emphasize flexibility.

It was in the summer of 1907 that Sylvia Pankhurst, a daughter of the suffragette leader Emmeline, toured northern England and Scotland as she documented the lives of female workers. In the potteries, fisheries, chain makers, pit brows and farms did she see women were treated more terrible than how most men fared.

Women were poorly paid and did not enjoy the same as men did.

While women of today fare better with today’s employment conditions, feminism has come from a woman’s statement against inequality in the workplace to inequality in almost anything, including being a woman.

The word ‘feminism’ had been used almost frequently, giving it its ‘toxic’ impression among many people, including women. However, with the power of action rather than statements, feminists could achieve their goals without having to say that they are part of the feminist culture.

Feminism has been borne to “exclude” rather than “include”. It empowers the female and steps down on the male for the years of inequality they had suffered under underpaid and unequal occupations. Instead, women’s equality or women’s rights would be a better term.

So instead calling yourself a feminist, it would be better to call yourself a dama rights defender.

From the early moments in time to the recent present dating as late as 1980, women never had the chance to be part of politics. Women were viewed as weaker than men and are only suitable to deliver children and not make crucial life-changing decisions.

The Guardian’s Isabel Hardman writes about why women need to vote according to the XXVote Campaigners.

The UK Elections are coming up and women could just make a difference, according to these women made up of young voters from 18-24 years old.

One of the members of the group, Hannah Vincent, shares her reason:

Young women are affected by rising student fees and young people need to vote to be listened to.

It’s not at all impossible to see that 50% of men aged 18-24 in the UK aren’t voting. However, 39% of politically-disengaged women might just spell the difference for human rights and an improvement to women’s lives in the United Kingdom.

Women outnumber men in universities and do better in school than men. So why are women not doing anything for their political future?

According to the XXVote, it’s because parties and names change, but the situation stays the same. Also, women, including other young men, do not feel included in the political situation.

However, there’s no way to learn, or to be heard by the government than by making a vote.

It’s a common thing among relationships to feel as if everything right is subjective to your partner. This becomes the core of so many problems that could have been avoided if one side was willing to listen to the other. However, there comes a point to draw the line. Sometimes, yoru partner might think he or she is superior to you or more entitled to things than you are. Here are a few ways to deal with one-sided relationship troubles.


1. Don’t Be Disillusioned

If you are thinking bad about yourself because your partner told you that you couldn’t do things right, don’t be. Remember, the best person who knows you is you. It is yourself that you should trust when it comes to doing things. You wouldn’t have made successes this far in life if you did not trust yourself. Whatever your patner says, remember, this is a projection of him/herself.

2. Settle Down and Talk

Because of his or her belittling of your ego, achievements and everything else, it is highly likely that you would be prone to volatile tempers when you attempt to sort things out. It would be best to settle down and talk when your heads are finally cooled off. There’s no proper way to settle any kind of issue, especially one-sided relationships issues, if not with cool heads.

3. Say Everything That Seems Unfair to You.

Never fear your partner. You may love them and cherish their existence in your life. However, no one, even these people, has the right to crush your ego. As a human, you can do wrong, but it is not all the time you do wrong. You have done so many things right. Point this out to your partner and say everything that seems unfair for you.